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Your local brand communication consultancy.

Based in Paris, Milan and Kyiv - LimeJam teams with companies to help them envision, design & deploy brand strategies for their products or services.

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The product development pipeline is the future lifeblood of any company. Bringing the right new product to the market can lead to tremendous rewards for shareholders.

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Brand identity includes thinking, feeling and expectation of the consumer and is a mean of identifying and distinguishing an organization from another.

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From competitive analysis to design and analytics, we will work to help you get the message of your brand to the right audience through meaningful digital channels.


Brand is up to 90 percent of marketcap LimeJam is the globally integrated team of professionals in IT, design and branding. Many organizations may be using some level of “branding”, even if they do not yet have a formal strategy. The lack of formal strategies could signal a tentative approach to adoption or stem from obstacles such as client acquisition or new product launch. Some companies also may be hesitant to devote their resources to brand development even though brand can sometimes account for up to 90% of marketcap. Here at LimeJam, we help our clients in building ROI-based approach to brand development and marketing.