Our small management team consists of experts in the complementary subject fields. So we can tackle problems from a different angles. LimeJam has a flat and flexible project-based organization structure that allow teams to act vigorously fast and to help clients quickly respond to market changes.


Nikita Lukianets

For a long time, Nikita focused on User Experience side of product (worked as UI designer, System Analyst, Product Manager). From 2010 Nikita has been managing developer marketing in Microsoft and was responsible for start-up program. He has a strong research & academic background specialized in applied analysis and biotech. Nikita has MBA degree in design & innovation management from MIP, Politecnico di Milano and technical education in the field of Applied Physics(M.Sc.)

- Design and NPD
- Product Marketing
- Technology Strategy


Roman Biliavskyi

Roman has graduated from Institute of Applied system analysis at Kiev Polytechnic Institute. At the moment Roman is focusing on economics of innovation in the high-tech sector. He is a member of System analysis and Risk Management group and a graduate Student at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), one of the top 5 schools in applied mathematics and financial analysis globally.

- Digital Marketing
- Financial Analysis
- Innovation Management


Rémi Rivas

Web citizen since 1995, Rémi designed all his curriculum around digital business, dealing with traffic management, social media strategy, search engine marketing and digital communication consulting. From 2010 to 2014, he has been managing the adnetwork of Microsoft Advertising France before specializing into design thinking and innovation management. Rémi has a master degree in New Technology Marketing from ESC Rennes School of Business and an advanced master into Design and Innovation from Strate School of Design.

- Design Thinking
- UX Design
- Advertising and Communication


Andrii Lukianets

10+ years in UI/UX Design specialized in SaaS, b2b solutions, and mobile apps. From 2018 Andrii has been Product Design Lead in Deloitte and was responsible for developing products for M&A Deals and Digital Transformation. He has a strong research & technical education in the field of Applied & Computer Science (M.Sc.)

- UI/UX Design
- Design Systems
- Design Management