If you are looking to join the team as a manager we will disappoint you. LimeJam has a strong culture of home-grown management, where people grow from doing things on their own to understanding the whole picture.


T-shaped? Are you seeking for a new standards and a quality of projects? Apply for a position that will make you grow and love what you do.


If you are still a student or just a new graduate, we open doors for motivated top-level students so that they can get experience and practice both their hard and soft skills.


Thank you for your interest in LimeJam! LimeJam uses an online application process, which allows us to better track and search for candidates. To apply fill in a general form, indicating a type of work you are willing to do.

Returning Applicants

Your profile remains in our online system for 5 years. Please use the original name and email address that you applied with to ensure any new applications append to your current profile.


Here is the list of people we seek right now. If you think you may fit one of the openings listed below, send us your resume and a couple of words that describes your vision for the future of your new team.

Web-Designer DE1158

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The Creative team helps bring the LimeJam brand to life.  We are involved in every aspect of the business – from setting direction for our site, to creating beautiful packaging to developing incredibly high quality products.  As our brand grows we’re adding key members to the team who are interested in working in a fast-paced, design driven environment.

Director Operational Marketing MA1269

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As a member of the Marketing Leadership Team and reporting to the Vice President Worldwide Marketing, CMO this position directs the planning, implementation and ongoing refinement of integrated operational practices across the Marketing function. This includes the development of processes and procedures, organizational design and planning, collection and analysis of metrics related to operational efficiency, operational reporting, budgetary management and oversight of supporting technology implementations.