LimeJam is the globally integrated team of professionals in information technology, design and branding. Founded in Kiev (Ukraine) in 2006 by Nikita Lukianets and Roman Biliavskyi, LimeJam helps companies to understand and increase the ROI from their brand strategy and marketing investment.

LimeJam is committed to deliver full-cycle approach to its clients with the meaningful ROI focus and accountability. The company provides services starting from market research, product and technology strategy, positioning, new product launch, brand identity development to web-design, social media marketing and web-communication.

Since its foundation, this boutique firm evolved from being a small design team to a brand communication consultancy with representatives across several hub European cities. In 2009, LimeJam first expanded from an emerging to a mature market, deploying representative in Milan (Italy). Such unusual move allowed the company to transfer the key learning for new high-impact brand strategies for Global clients. By having a truly digital DNA, LimeJam secures its unique value proposition that blends mobility, design thinking and a highly technical expertise. The company aims to build tight collaboration with its clients and to create strong brands that could:

  • drive revenue growth by ensuring higher demand and market share;
  • help protect the business from risk, and position it for future growth;
  • help improve margins by commanding premium prices and better supplier terms.


To create juicy perceptions. We make the best things well-known.


Globally integrated company which blends together mobility, moral and technological superiority. Our solutions are effective and unique. We are proud of our team, staying always open to wonderful talents.

7 principles: excellence for result

  • Effectiveness: The every thing we do is primarily targeted to results achievement.
  • Communication: We create a strong basis for results by sharing our expectations and knowledge.
  • System approach: Data Analysis, Framework development, Validation, Scorecards.
  • Knowledge Knowledge is one of the main assets of our company. We learn to stay the best.
  • Interactivity Interactivity enables performance feedback and plays central role in connectivity.
  • Presentation: We know how to attract attention. We know how to keep it.
  • Simplicity: Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.